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We are four students from Davidson College in Dr. Lozada and Dr. Paradise’s Sustainable Natural Resources course. We have been researching the shellfish industry all semester. We were interested in shellfish as a resource because¬†it represents a promising compromise between ecology and economics. Unlike many threatened natural resources, shellfish are not directly subject to anthropogenic degradation, such as coastal development. Their primary threats consist of accidental, non point source pollution.


Christopher Polo is a senior Biology major from New Bern, North Carolina.  Upon graduation he will commission into the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant Engineer Officer. He eventually hopes to join the Army Corps of Engineers working on national environmental issues.

Elizabeth Mace

Avery Haller is a junior anthropology major from Seattle, Washington. As a Washingtonian, the shellfish industry is near and dear to her heart. In addition, she is particularly interested in human rights and social justice.

Abigail Preston is a sophomore Environmental Studies major from Durham, North Carolina. Her primary interest is in the natural sciences, and is going to Denmark in the fall to study the Environmental Science of the Arctic, using the Greenland ice caps as a case study.


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