Sustainable Shellfish Farming

In 2011, Washington governor Christine Gregoire announced the Washington Shellfish Initiative, a public-private partnership aimed at restoring water quality in Puget Sound and job creation through the expansion of the shellfishing industry and bivalve shellfish resources in general. The Initiative has put a spotlight on the unique properties of the ecosystem services that shellfish provide as a natural resource. The purpose of this website is to discuss the effects of promoting shellfish ecosystems for Washington’s economy as well as its coastal environment.

The Science section discusses the ecological factors behind shellfish species’ ecosystem services. Under Economics, you will find information about shellfish aquaculture’s growing profit and job-creation potential. The Farm Life tab will take you to explore typical shellfish aquaculture techniques. For additional information on Washington’s political environment and legal structures, please see the Policy section.

Never heard of shellfish farming? Check out this video on sustainable shellfish aquaculture from the Pacific Shellfish Institute:

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